First Guest Blogger: My Passion

This is a great question and its contemplation has left me very pensive.

The first thing I did after you asked me to consider what I am passionate about was to go to my New Webster Dictionary and look up the word passionate. This is what it read-
Characterized by passion; exhibiting or expressing passion; readily moved to anger; fiery; showing strong emotion; vehement; warm [passionate affection].

Further intrigued with this description I looked higher up in this paragraph to then see how passion was defined and it is as follows-

The suffering of bodily pangs; specifically the last suffering of the Saviour. A strong feeling or emotion by which the mind is swayed, as ambition, avarice, revenge, fear, hope, joy, grief, love, hatred etc.; a strong deep feeling; violent agitation or excitement of mind; violent anger; zeal, ardour, vehement desire [a passion for fame]; love; ardent affection, amorous desire; a passionate display; an exhibition of deep feeling[a passion of tears]; a pursuit to which one is devoted.

I was taken aback by all of the negative words to define this word. My first reaction was to answer you about the things I deeply love and care about. The first word that came to mind was learning. I am passionate about learning. Words that I associate with learning are; books, speeches, programs, courses, history, sharing ideas. These to me are all wonderful word associations connected to my passion.

What the dictionary definition did was to help me realize that fear, hatred and anger can come from a passionate position too and I thought about how passionate someone would have to be in their anger and how devoted to their cause to be a suicide bomber. What words would they associate with their passion?

To be passionate can be hatefully negative or joyfully positive. “The swaying of the mind” makes the line seem so fine between the two.

I wonder which definition leads mankind to take the most action.

Shirley Mackay