Friday, March 1, 2013

Morning Pages Therapy

Morning Pages Therapy. The above scribble represents some of the mash of pent up stuff in my head when I wake up in the morning. 

This is what I continued to write today: 

[Writing] Morning Pages is the practice of emptying your mind of everything that bombards it upon awakening. I learned this from Julia Cameron in her book The Artist's Way years ago. The process of emptying all the stuff by writing it all down clears the slate of your mind and allows more creative energy to flow in (as well as deflating the stress meter).  The key is to write it all down, but not read it again. If you read it, you are just filling your mind up again. 

It was one of those activity I did in the past and it did work but I stopped. Why can I never be consistent with the stuff that works? I get sidetracked because there are so many things I want to try BUT I want to practice the morning pages once more. The chore here is actually getting up early enough - and on a regular basis to do this. Basically being more disciplined. 

The challenge is, my dear friends, during the winter I`m the bear who doesn't get to hibernate. I am more tired, I sleep deeply and each morning I am awakened from this heavy slumber grumpy and groggy, and always feeling that my rest wasn't over. Sometimes it takes me about an hour to actually wake up fully. I don't know...maybe I was a bear, or even a tree in my last life.

Winter means hibernation for me and in the spring I begin to wake up like nature does on this side of the planet.

I will begin again tomorrow, writing it all out of me, clearing my mind and starting my day fresh and full of opportunity to be who I see in my mind's eye: A morning person, motivated, passionate, productive and alive with creative ideas on how to continue empowering Women and fill their hearts with joy. 

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