Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fight the Funk!

I realized today that I am in a February funk...blah winter days deplete my energy and creative flow. I have been struggling with how to flick that creative light back on in my mind. I feel trapped in a plexi-glass box!

Moping didn't help, so I decided to do something about it.  

Today, as I aimlessly and listlessly clicked my mouse around cyberspace, I clicked on twitter from a post that caught my eye in my email.  I read the article, posted by @TheDailyLove and I instantly remembered how I get myself out of these funks:

  • I practice Gratitude. It is always the first and most powerful mood-shifting activity that I go to when I feel like a saggy wet deflated balloon flopping around on the floor trailing balloon drool. I begin to count all the good things in my life, (chocolate being at the top of the list), and my mood begins to spike upward. 

  •  I smile. Did you know that you can’t feel miserable when you have a smile on your face? Smiling is hard-wired to the “happy” producing chemicals in your brain.

  • I read inspiring books. I pick a book off my shelf, open it randomly and read the message that is there. I always get some message that fits what I am going through. It is a great thought-shifter.

  • I browse my social media posts. This is new one to the list.  I just reconnected myself to twitter in the last few days. (I have been ignoring it for almost a year.) I forgot about how many inspirational and motivating people I am following, and just opening twitter and quickly reading that tweeted article this morning was a burst of sunshine and a return to hope, faith and love for me.  

(I do the same thing on Facebook. I follow inspirational like-minded people who post uplifting, love-filled posts, but actually connecting to people through their words is the most rewarding and inspiring way for me to get back on track.)

So, next time you are feeling down in the dumps, start with that Gratitude list and watch your perspective shift from a dark closet of misery to a bright, sparkling, faith filled heart. Feel that joy! Embrace the good! Enjoy your life!  -S M I L E -You have meaning, you have value.  Reset your thought meter today and practice feeling great!

Love Lisa 

Here is the link to that article: The Daily Love  Read it and be Inspired too. 

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Joelyne TheSydneyGirl said...

So strange. This is a sign! Just came across your blog, and read your latest blog post. Freaky how I've just gone through the exact same thing, and took the same approach and method by being thankful. I also wrote about it on my blog! Your words, are even very similar to the words I chose. 'Change perspective' and 'gratitude'. WOW!

I also have just started to reconnect a lot more on twitter than I have for ages, for the same reasons.

AND I read inspiring books too :) Would love your thoughts on my latest post.

You have a great blog :)