Monday, February 4, 2013

1. A person can be hypnotized against his or her own will

2. Only those with a weak mind can be hypnotized

3. An individual looses the control of the body while on hypnosis

4. Through hypnosis one can achieve super-normal physical abilities

5. Hypnosis can be used to retrieve secrets

6. The subject does not remember anything when woken up from hypnosis

7.  Your will is lost to the whim of the hypnotist. 

8. Hypnosis can be harmful if awakened in the middle of the session

9. Hypnosis makes an individual incapable of facing a physical threat occurring in the middle of a session
 10. You lose consciousnesss
  These are all FALSE
The TRUTH is: 
1.  You must be willing and receptive to be put into a state of hypnosis. Any resistance or fear  you have will impede the process of hypnosis.
2.  The strength of the mind is only measured in terms of resistance. Another point is that the higher the intelligence level you have, the easier it is to go into hypnosis. 
3.  You have full control of your body..can scratch an itch or even get up to go to the bathroom. You can control your own level of hypnosis, and even bring yourself out of it without guidance from the hypnotist.
4.  Hypnosis is not brain washing. You cannot be told to lift something that you consciously know you will not be able to lift.  
5.  In hypnosis you have full control about what you want to talk about and you will choose to skip over things you don't want to discuss.
6.  You will remember everything and upon the hypnotist saying.."do you remember..." everything will come back in a wave of recall. 
7.  Touching on answer number 3, you will not do anything that is against your own morals or ethics, nor will the hypnotist ask you to. Stage hypnotists choose people who are receptive to hypnotism and ask them to do funny things, and if you see enough displays you will see that some of the chosen ones will not perform something that he suggests because it goes against their moral code or belief system. 
8. It is not harmful. It is the same as awaking from your sleep or meditation. 
9. During hypnosis you are MORE alert than when fully conscious. Since your conscious mind  is taking a break from all of its incessant chatter, you are fully tuned in to everything around you. 
10.  You do not lose consciousness. You can walk and talk and move and so forth. Your conscious mind however, is taking a siesta and your subconscious mind is tuned in. One is very noisy and the other is quietly storing all of your emotional memories. 

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