Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Note on Self-Esteem

photo by Duguay

Over the years I have collected  random bits of wisdom on paper that resonated with me. I found one such bit as I cleaned out my bedside end table -the first time in 4 years. (It wasn't so bad!)  It was a yellowed piece of paper and written on it, I found more treasured wisdom that I want to share with you: 

We all need to feel that we matter, that our lives have some importance in the scheme of things.

To have self-esteem, we must be able:

  • to see that our lives have worth and meaning whether we succeed or fail in any particular undertaking.
  • to accept ourselves as we are, with our strengths and weaknesses.
  • to know that we are responsible for choosing what attitudes we shall take toward life.
To increase self-esteem, we must know:
  • that we are unique on the face of the earth and that we do not have to be a copy of someone else.
  • that we are loved and cared for as we are, not as someone thinks we should be.
  • that we are responsible for our own life and the attitude we take toward life in general. Our spiritual life is measured by attitudes, not beliefs.
  • that we are responsible for discovering the uniqueness of those around us, not only for fulfilling our own unique possibilities.
Achieving self-esteem is a process, not an event:
  • it grows when you discover what you do well and get on with it.
  • it is encouraged when you accept the appreciation and goodwill of other people.
  • it is strengthened when you discover that you are making a unique contribution to the lives of other people and to a purpose bigger than you are. 

I hope this made you feel as good as it made me feel; a nice mental chiropractic adjustment!

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