Friday, June 29, 2012

Tips for Spiritual Integration and Wholeness

As part of the virtual book tour for Yvonne Perry’s latest book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience, I am sharing an article titled “Tips for Integration and Wholeness.” This will be especially useful to those who are dealing with sudden changes resulting from an experience that catapulted you into a spiritual transformation. We are beginning to realize that we are one in spirit, and that there is a whole lot more than what our limited human understanding and beliefs have previously allowed us to accept.

Tips for Spiritual Integration and Wholeness

Our souls are maturing and evolving faster than ever. At any time, we may experience a bump up in energy that takes us to a new spiritual level. The end result is we are being spiritually transformed. Some, who are trying to acclimate to the higher (less dense) vibrations coming from the central sun, planetary shifts, and galactic alignment of the Earth, or from your oversoul, soul group, or multidimensional aspects of self may be experiencing physical and emotional discomfort, which I call ascension symptoms.

The greatest tip I can give anyone who wishes to reduce the unpleasant side effects of spiritual transformation is to have a grateful attitude about everything and passionately attend to the “I AM Presence” within your own heart, which is Divine Love.

Love is the greatest power there is. I don’t know of anyone who would not welcome the presence of unconditional love into their human experience. Yet, many people avoid the very activities that would bring more love into their hearts. It is natural to commune with whatever you love or hold valuable. If you love watching movies, you may own a huge library of DVDs; if you love walking in nature, you may take hiking trips; if you love cooking, you may often be in the kitchen trying new recipes. In other words, you will arrange your schedule to spend time engaging in an activity that you feel drawn to.

Material things or even people cannot bring us the level of joy, love, fulfillment, and satisfaction that spending time in the presence of your higher self (Holy Spirit) and your loving master teachers. When you feel a longing inside, what you really want is to experience more love.  This is Spirit calling you to connect to the Sacred Heart within, where you experience being nourished by its infinite resources. This very act of gratitude is designed to put you into position to access the oneness you already have in God-Goddess and support the body as it changes during the ascension process.

You’ve probably heard it said that we only use about 10 percent of our brain—and that’s the most highly-evolved savant or educated person. So what about this 90 percent that is dormant? I believe it is being called into action as we enter purer planes of consciousness. Unlike in our third-dimensional world, these dimensions have less density. And, rather than experiencing physical and mental limitations like we do in human bodies here on this plane, the light body is able to travel inter-dimensionally and is able to access cosmic knowledge.

We also have sixty-four codes of amino acids, but our current DNA is only using twenty of them. Because ascension speeds things up and anchors other levels of awareness, I believe that the accelerated frequencies now available to us are changing our DNA. This naturally brings about a restoration of whatever has become diseased in the physical body. We can aid in this restoration process in numerous ways. I’ve listed several exercises and affirmations that are working for me, and I know there are plenty more that can be implemented.
The list is an. There are many others not included here that can be used as a spiritual purification tool to help the body ascend peacefully.

My book gives an eclectic mix of more than two dozen practices from a variety of esoteric traditions to help purify the mind and ease the transition into purer consciousness. I hope you will visit to learn more.


Yesterday, the tour stopped at Mal Duane’s Alpha Chick Blog. Tomorrow the tour will be at Dr. Caron Goode’s Livespirit blog and I invite you to visit that site to learn more about the spiritual transition we are currently in. See the full tour schedule at

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