Friday, May 25, 2012

One of my Dreams

"Depth of Focus" Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list...but I want to make it there pre-bucket. I want to go while I am still relatively young ;) and healthy.
This picture is one of my ultimate dreams: To sit on a high cliff early in the morning and just be. To take in the wonder of earth, the vastness of space and just not think about anything else.

I was an arm's length away from the Grand Canyon three years ago. I got as far as Vegas on a business trip with my husband. He is going back this year for the same business trip but I am not going this time. Just as well, because I don't want to just hang in Vegas this time. The Grand Canyon is calling my name, and to get just as far as Vegas- as fun as it is- again would be torture.

One day....soon.

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