Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Move Over Romance, It is SELF-LOVE Day Now!

Move over Saint Valentine...it is NOW Saint VALENTINA!!! 

Today's holiday main focus has become about Women waiting for someone else to express to them how much they are loved. 

Instead of expecting others to show you their love for you so that you can fill up your cup, love yourself first. 

The expectation is waiting for others to show you your worth. LOVE yourself first, because this is the only place where love can come from. 

Waiting for love to come to you, to prove your worth is not going to happen.  It is surface stuff, band-aid mentality. 

You may get the chocolates, cards and flowers, but most often than not, it's because the men know it is expected of them and will have a chilly night if they don't do what is expected. 

Shift your perception of this holiday. We have made it into a day of romantic love which leaves most of us let down, sad and lonely. This is for single women too: 

Erase your beliefs about this day being about romantic love and make it about SELF-LOVE.  Watch the stress of expectation melt away.

Phew! Now, doesn't that feel good? No more waiting for someone else to prove to us that we are loved, are deserving and have worth!

It is Self-Love all the way! This is the vital love that we need. 

Give some love to yourself today. Make your own heart glow, and then, with your heart filled up with love, give it out. This is the best feeling in the world. 

Have an amazing Saint Valentina's day! 

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