Saturday, January 21, 2012

Message for Today: SELF LOVE

by Mario Duguay Messages of Light Cards

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displaytruemark said...

I have never responded to a blog, but I feel urged to today because of the message about Self Love. For me personally, daily self love includes positive brain programming, practicing Internal, reading from the good book and giving service etc. It is curious and wonderful to me that not only do I live a life that other people know about i.e. working, shopping, exercising etc (or not working and not exercising!) but I live a life separate that is all my own making. During this time that is just for me I separate myself from any negativity and only the positive influences I have chosen are free to influence me further-and I expand. Because I am not perfect, some days I do not follow through with these practices. Because however, I have done these acts long enough and have examined and felt the consequences of so doing, it brings me happiness, peace and gratitude that I know somewhat of how to be my best self daily.,by loving myself!