Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fear and the Power of the Spoken Word

There are plenty of  "fear monsters" out there making a lot of people nervous today with the TORNADO WATCH on for Eastern Ontario tonight.

I had  noticed awhile ago the switch of wording on news channels from 'CHANCE" of rain or thunderstorms to the 'RISK' of a shower and the 'THREAT' of a thunderstorm.. Has anyone else noticed this too?

Now, I don't blame Frankie 'Flowers' Ferrragine from Breakfast Television ( in Toronto, Ontario) for his flare when doing his weather reports, because other news stations are using the same words too. Frankie is my favorite, though.
 Since the weather has been made a major part of the news here in Ontario, the newscasters have to make it as dramatic as possible.

But at what cost? Pretty soon people are going to be afraid to go outside if the sky is overcast!

 Lightning, Thunder, Hail, and Tornadoes are not NEW people! Mother Nature did not put out a new line of weather possibilities because she got bored after a billion years of the same old thing!

Weather is what weather does;  Sun Shines, Rain pours, Thunder roars, Lightning strikes, Hail storms, Wind Blows, Water rages.

Lets take the drama out of the wording used for weather, news people!  How about an 'OPPORTUNITY' for rain for those places with drought? Rain is a relief for those hot days of summer, and needed for nature to grow.

Hail is not the end of the world, just watch your head! Thunder is cool to listen to, the skies are amazing to watch, lightning is powerful, so respect it and stay off the grass! Tornadoes are terrifying, so yes, be alert and aware of the news.

A 'CHANCE' of rain is good enough to get the point across that we may get wet, so lets use the basic words for the weather and dispel the fear. Be aware of the power words have and how they impact  you!

Photo Credits:  Click here to see the beauty rain can bring!


Anonymous said...

The fact that such occurrences were once deemed rare in these parts leads to a bit of excitement. Fear is sometimes a good thing. I think it's better to be prepared than to be caught off guard. Imagine if one day you decide to ignore the "risk" or "threat" of a storm and drive right smack into the middle of a tornado? You would be labeled an idiot. You should respect mother nature for she is not corrupt or discriminating. She means business!

Lisa Molinelli said...

Yes, I do understand the excitement, because I too am caught up in it, but my Niece and others I know are just terrified now every time there is a rainstorm, with or without Tornado watches. My mother tells me that tornadoes were common when she was growing up in Newmarket, Ontario. Nature works in cycles. Don't misunderstand me, I am all for being prepared as being prepared is what calms our fears. We just don't need to be goaded into being more fearful than necessary!

Thanks for your feedback anonymous!

Patricia said...

Your absolutely right Lisa. And I found myself getting caught up in the fear and excitement, sending texts, updating facebook status with messages such as "Is anyone else's house shaking?". We're so addicted to fear that sometimes we don't even realize our own part in creating it. Instead of getting a rush out of fear, we should we be channelling that energy into living a blissful and passionate life so we don't have to turn to the news to compensate for our boredom. HAVE A FANTASTIC BLISSFUL DAY!!!!