Friday, June 24, 2011

Life has me in a Whirlwind! How do I slow down?

Everyday feels like a new life, and when that day is over, that life is over. The next day, I am on to something new. My memory seems to be able to reproduce every single detail of last night's dream, but not the fact that I bought a book last week and totally forgot that I did until I found the email receipt in my inbox.

Why is my mind so scattered? My mind is focused on so many things at once, that these things are falling off the table of my mind and rolling under the sofa to be with the dust bunnies. It is just that my mind craves knowledge. It is an explorer, and wants to know and to learn new things, and hasn't caught on that now that I have a son, the time to sit and read at my leisure has gone.

And so, my mind spins, I forget things constantly and am always rushing. I have made myself even more tired.  My solution is to create ways that make me slow down.

 I have started  a new habit of having a bath every night, if I can. Just to sit and unwind and melt into the soothing warm water. I listen to relaxing, calming music, I go for a walk, or a ride on my bike at night. With these things I can find myself again, and get back to a level of peace, if only until morning!  :)

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