Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello Spring!

Yes, OK, it isn't quite here in and around Toronto Ontario, but the birds seem to think it is!

Right now, I am getting back to work. I am newly inspired, re-vamping my blog, and working on a new website as well.

This is what is happening now for me:

There has been an increase in inner growth lately, coupled with a heightened awareness of what I need to get rid of in my life. So to speak bluntly, I am feeling miserable. It is like being tied up with invisible rope (issues in my tissues) and suddenly the rope becomes not only visible, but has barbed wire on it!

Does anyone understand this hastily written analogy? It seems that all my issues want attention at once! This has made me a wee bit grumpy, to say the least, but I am so, so grateful for the awareness so that I may clear these pesky issues up once and for all.

I had an inspiration to work on forgiveness in a new way while I was having a massage to release massive tension and pain in my right shoulder. (Shouldering resentments) I have had trouble letting go of old resentments, hurts, anger at others (who hasn't right?) and no matter what technique I tried, there was just no getting rid of it.  (The trouble of releasing them began when I became aware that I was holding onto them!)

So, while on the very comfy massage table, my mind drifted and inspiration visited me. If I could see the value in the lessons that I learned from each hurt, I could then appreciate them and let them go. Let me clarify a bit more. Taking a situation from my past that still caused me pain (i.e. by directing anger toward the person who I felt had hurt me), I objectively viewed the situation and asked myself what I learned from it.

I learned what I DID NOT want in my life.

I realized that with each hurt, I was shaped into the person I am today. With my awareness (thank you to whomever for this!), I could see what I GAINED from each experience, and as a whole, how it actually gave me gifts. Gifts of insight, gifts of experience, gifts of life lessons... so many gifts. This helped me to release my resentments towards the person/people/ or situation that caused me the pain at the time.

I am still working my way through my list, but in the end, I will be better for it.

Have a good night everyone.

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