Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting OFF the Fear Train

Wow! It's been since May that I posted a blog! Life has been really focussed elsewhere for me, and I really miss the writing and connecting.

Today I would like to discuss the power of fear and what it does to people and also discuss the "mob mentality" that takes over when we are in fear. I also call it sheep herding. We become mindless when faced with over-powering fears. We react without thinking and this is detrimental to our health and well-being and sometimes even our lives.

Right now in our society, the biggest fear is death from a flu. It has people running around in panic--- angry, scared and desperate. The fear is the most contagious thing out there. It runs through people as quick as lightning, unless it is checked by reason and research.

You may relate to what I am saying and say that the fear is legitimate. I will not argue your beliefs, but only stress that before any decision be made, you have done your homework and researched every single angle of fact before you have made your decision.

This is my only hope and prayer. There are tons of different opinions, and opinions are personal to the owner. Take opinions into consideration but don't just accept them as truth either. Again, do your research and find the facts. Weigh the pros and cons. Get real data. Blindly believing in things you are being told can be deadly--no matter how credible the source is.

You empower yourself when you get the facts, and your fears will dissapate because you have taken charge of your own life. You will be able to trust your own guidance system when fear is out of the way. I stress, do not make vital decisions based on fear!! Stay away from sheep herding. It could possibly save you a trip from the slaughterhouse.

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