Monday, May 25, 2009

The Myth of Luck

I am always excited when I speak about beliefs. (and I don't mean religious) A belief is a thought that you have accepted as truth to you. Beliefs are powerful thoughts that lead to towards or away from what you want in your life.

A lot of people believe in luck. I hear statements "Just my luck", or "She's so lucky", or "I have no luck." Can anyone really tell me what luck is? I am still unsure. It is nothing tangible. To me it is just a belief.

Here comes the fun part: If luck is a belief, then we either choose to believe it or not. If we believe in luck, we either believe we are lucky or unlucky. Which one do you believe? Tricky eh?

Luck to me, is a state of mind. A belief system. If I believe in luck, and don't seem to have it, it just creates LACK in my mind and in my life. I will see lucky people all around me, but without any lucky things happening to me. This turns me into a victim. This means that I believe that powers outside myself are determining my worth and value.

When my mind tuned into to this paradoxical world of having beliefs and believing what I choose to, I decided to do an experiment. I was explaining to a friend that they have the choice to decide what they believe in, and if she chooses to believe something different, her perception and life will change. Her response was " I don't believe that." I began laughing at that statement, but she didn't understand what was funny. If someone says " I don't believe", then they won't. Period.

So, on to my experiment. I decided to start calling myself "Lucky Lisa". It helps that my name starts with L! So, as I began chanting this in my mind and out loud, something started to change. I felt lighter, I felt that my world was expanding, I felt a bounce in my step. I felt that things in my life began to move a little smoother, a little easier, a lot lighter. I only practiced this for a bit for observation purposes, and did not continue working on it to become part of my belief system.

So, I had let myself believe in the definition of luck, and all that came with it. It wasn't so hard, because luck is a word that all of society recognizes, and we accept it without thinking about it. That is what a belief is. A thought that is accepted as truth with no analyzing or dissecting.

Definition of Luck:
1 a: a force that brings good fortune or adversity b: the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual

2: favoring chance

So, the bottom line? Luck is real for you if you believe it, and not if you don't. Your life is what you believe about it. Period.

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