Saturday, February 28, 2009

Creating an Abundant Mind in a Fearful World

Fear is so icky. And fear of losing all of our money is even ickier. Right now, we are caught up in the drama of LACK. We are tightening our belts, fearing for our jobs, penny pinching, and believing that we are all going to end up in a cardboard box. The fear begins with the news, and then from then on we have no problem creating our own fearful scenarios in our minds about possibly losing our jobs, homes, cars, going into a greater recession, maybe even a depression.

FEAR comes from our own thoughts, from what we choose to believe. Many of us have chosen to believe we are done for. Stress levels have risen, fights about money have increased at home, and no-name foods are the brands of choice. I am not saying that we shouldn’t be SMART, and possibly cut back on some things we over-indulge in, I am saying don’t let the FEAR take over. Fear makes us panic, it makes us miserable, and it makes us make horrible, hasty decisions.

-Fear has made a lot of people panic, “jump the gun” and make hasty decisions that have led to the ripple effect-

The ripple effect is working on two levels; physical and emotional. The physical ripple is people actually being laid off, and the emotional is the fear that comes with seeing this. This fear ripple, creates the physical ripple. It’s not the other way around. If we stopped seeing lack everywhere and got a hold of our fears, the physical ripple would stop.

You will say, “We are in a recession, look what is happening out there!” and I will respond yes, we have created this reality out of fear. Fear causes people to react, and we have reacted by batting down the hatches and stopped spending on credit. When a river doesn’t flow, it becomes stagnant. The same applies about money. Money is an energy exchange. It is an exchange of service for supply. Back in the old days, we didn’t use money, we traded goods. An exchange of goods kept people in business. Now, since we are holding so tightly to our money, the abundant flow has been strangled into a trickle, and if we don’t release the fear, we will all be standing knee-deep in mud!

The Tools

How do we stop the fear? We stop it, by each of us beginning to practice seeing abundance everywhere in our lives; trusting that there is plenty for everyone, believing in FAITH instead of FEAR. I didn’t say it was a drive-through fixer upper! Of course, it takes work. The choice is always yours to make: FEAR or FREEDOM? FEAR or HAPPINESS? FEAR OR LOVE?

Look around you and start seeing the abundance in your life. All abundance, not just money. You may have an abundance of shiny teaspoons, abundance of love from your pets, abundance of fluffy towels in your linen closet, an abundance of garden tools, and abundance of light in your home, abundance of friends, family, clients, abundance of cds...

Next, begin to feel GRATITUDE for all that you do have. Count your blessings. Can you feel the fear being replaced by a warm glow in your chest? Is the sun shining in your heart? That is the magic of LOVE, over the illusion of fear.

The more we focus on, and believe in the ABUNDANCE in our lives, the more we will have. The more we focus on, and believe in, the FEAR in our lives, the more we will have.
Test it out for yourself.

May Abundance Be Ever-Flowing in your Life!


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

so true!

danice said...

Yes the news creates more fear..the messages are in the music