Friday, January 16, 2009

Your Divine Space

Your Divine Space

What is your divine space? It is the space reserved JUST FOR YOU. It's the space you take for yourself, the space where you go to reconnect with who you are and what you want in your life. It is a space that most women have erased from their lives.

I have noticed an increasing desire in the women I have spoken with lately to find themselves again, or to find and keep that good feeling they have felt before but never seems to stay. There is an increase in the level of frustration these women are feeling about where they are, who they are, and what they want. I believe that this is because they have reached that very sharp point in their lives where they are tired of being unhappy, tired of not liking themselves, tired of failing in their own eyes, tired of striving, and they want something better right now!

Well, I see this sharp point as a wonderful and exciting place to be! It is only when you reach this point that you can begin to make the changes you want in your life. Before this point, you can listen forever to all sorts of wonderful advice given to you on how to make your life better, but you will do nothing about it. It is only through self-motivation by feeling this contrast in your life so intensely that you will be willing to make the changes you desire.

(By contrast, I mean that you are recalling a point in your life either recently or in the past where you felt REALLY GOOD, and want to feel that way again, or, you are feeling so desolate and frustrated that you can't take it anymore and want changes now!)

So, how will being in this "Divine Space" help you? It will help you because this space is powerful. Why? Because you made the CHOICE to put yourself FIRST. This is why it so powerful; because you have made the choice to put yourself in a place of self-nurturing. You have made the choice that you are valuable and deserving of this space. This space is the beginning of your happiness, the commencement of wonderful and amazing things to happen in your life. This is a space of reflection, of peace, of choice, of freedom. Taking time to yourself in this Divine Space opens the door to YOU. Here you will be able to begin your journey to re-connecting to, or learning for the first time in your life, WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU WANT.

Stay tuned for part II.. Creating your own Divine Space

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