Saturday, January 17, 2009

Creating your Own Divine Space

Guided by your own desire for change and your own motivation, find some time in your day to be completely alone; alone, but with a purpose and a goal. If you have time to before your day begins, this is an excellent starting point to your day. Your purpose and goal is to sit with yourself, be with yourself and get to know yourself once more. If you have a private physical space to go to that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed without any distractions, this helps, but the main purpose for this Divine space is time for you.
Take out a piece of paper or journal and a pen. Now write at the top of the page: “What do I want?” Now go with it, let it flow. Write without thinking, freeing your mind from limitations as you go. Let your feelings flow, let it all go. Do not worry if nothing happens right away. Sometimes, we are like a rusty joint that just needs a little WD40! Your oil will be your practice, combined with your passion for change.

Side Track: A very easy way to start the flow is to write about what you don’t want any longer. Whoa! Stop that pen! It is very, very easy to get caught up in all of that negative stuff! You do want to change the negatives into positives, so what you can actually do is a clarifying exercise, but it needs to be done correctly to get the best results. Split your page down the middle. Now on the left side write one thing you do not want in your life, and immediately afterwards write that sentence in a positive format.
For Example:
If you wrote: “I do not want to be under appreciated at work” on the left side, on the right side you would write: “I want to be respected, recognized and valued for the work that I do.”
This exercise is in the book “Law of Attraction” by Michael J. Losier. Website: . He has templates of the Clarity through Contrast sheet that you can download. The purpose of this exercise is to clarify what you DO want, by listing what you DO NOT want any longer. It is a great exercise!
Ok, you are now on the path to empowerment! You have made space for yourself in your life! Do not worry right now about how to make the changes or find your happiness. Right now is the time to reconnect to Who you are and what you want. Play with it, make it fun. Paint, draw, or sing what you want. Add colour to your life! It is a research project, the topic: YOU.
What is next?
Stay tuned for Part 3... the Action Plan


Julieanne said...

Hi Lisa

This is great advice especially from a LOA perspective. It is much easier to focus on the negative in the beginning but with practice the positive thinking becomes a habit.

I wonder why it is easier for us to be negative. It would be a great world where it was easier to think positively. Maybe there is something to Tolle's idea of a pain body.

Speak soon!


Empowering Minds said...

Hi Julieanne,
The question of why we tend to think negative first has been one I have pondered about many times. I do agree that it is our pain body that responds first, and it does because of unconscious belief patterns that we have accepted as our truth. So, when confronted with a challenge in life, our belief patterns activate and we respond accordingly. Not all of our beliefs are negative mind you, but I think as a race, we have placed the positive vibration as something we have to reach for or attain or earn instead of just having it as our natural birth right. It's reflected in our words: "Pursuit of Happiness" for instance. I don't really know how we got it all backwards, but as Tolle says, the stillness inside brings us back to peace, and to the knowing that life does not have to be the struggle we believe it to be. Practice of any spiritual tool will bring us to peace, and back to LOVE.