Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Art of Waiting

When I first read about the concept of feeling peaceful when waiting (re: Power of Now) I didn't get it much. Many times I have had to wait and found myself very impatient, growing irritable, and usually taking an impulsive move because of it. And many a time, I have peeled away in a u-turn at a railway crossing with an insanely slow-moving train, only to be delayed further in traffic. The alternate route is usually the longer one!

Recently I have begun to appreciate the wait. I mean waiting in lines as well as waiting for the right timing of things. Today as I drove home, in a angry funk because a small detail I was working on wasn't ironing out, I let my thoughts briefly settle on the train going westbound over the road I was heading North on.

If I was paying attention, I would have realized that the train was going to turn North and cross the street I was going to turn West onto to get home. But, this point really doesn't matter, because the next street turning West also had train tracks... and believe it or not, the same tracks took the train to cross the main street I took to get home, one town over. ( I have been known to play "beat the train" in the past. )

So, I turned West, and drove up the hill, only to be stopped behind a row of cars. I had just finished asking for light to be shone in me, as it was getting darker by the minute, and for me that makes time* feel so much shorter. It was 3:45pm. The sun was shining brightly through the passing train, and a rainbow shone straight up from the ground it seems, straight into the clouds in front of me. I was awed, and grateful for that vision of beauty because my mood was pretty foul.

The train was passing at a regular rate, and then about half a kilometre from it's end it stopped dead in the tracks. So I put in a CD, thanked the Universe for the beautiful rainbow and sat back and waited 5 minutes....and waited 10 minutes....and waited 15 minutes. I was about 15 cars back in the left lane. In those 15 minutes, I watched as one by one, all but two make a u-turn and go back the way that they had come. I enjoyed the setting sun, the rainbow and the tranquility of the moment. I was at peace, in the Now of Waiting.


Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Lisa

That gave me goosebumps. I know exactly what you are saying. Sometimes I am rushing around trying to get everything done and the other day I noticed this. So I stopped and said 'This will all get done in it's right time'. I continued through my day with this attitude and as I was putting the final thing away my fiance arrived home. Right on time. The whole day I had slowed down and got far more done than I had originally thought. Ironic... but was a great reminder for me :)

Speak soon!


Empowering Minds said...

Yes, Julieanne, As far as rushing goes, it usually takes me 3 times as long to get things done because I am scattered, I keep dropping stuff, and misplacing items. WhenI have the mind to do so, I stop and take a breath and say " I have all the time in the world". My reality quickly changes,I feel centred and calm and things get done quickly, easily and smoothly!!

yolanda said...

very wise words. do you notice as well that when we are waiting for someone who is late, we restrain our irritability as much as we can, before eventually giving in and calling them to see where they are? then it turns out that they are just around the corner. the moment of us giving in, coincides with their arrival. hmm.

lovely blog by the way! i enjoyed it.



Empowering Minds said...

I like that perspective! Patience pays off when we surrender to the situation!