Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hello Everyone!

I missed being here....I have been distracted by life, and of course, by my Egoman. He has kept me busy believing that I needed to focus on worry and mind made stuff rather than open my heart up to love and joy by expressing myself here, sharing and connecting with others. Other than that, I can't really recall what has kept me away since Thanksgiving. The weather has been wonderful here in Ontario: warm and sunny with a pale mist hovering, making everything look like a watercolour painting. I was loving every minute of it, knowing that Old Man Winter is gearing up to take his throne for the next 4 or 5! months.

As for Egoman, I came across a wonderful book that was written for children, (but definitely can be utilized by adults) called: "Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love"
Read Below for more information. It is an amazing book to help you master that "EgoMan"!!
Namaste Publishing is pleased to announce Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love, its first book for children. In it Amber Hinton conveys a key aspect of the ego in a simplified manner appropriate for children who are pre-readers and early readers.
In Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love, Nico and Leo, who are playing with blocks, get into an altercation. After the squabble is over, Leo is mad at himself because he s spoiled all the fun. How can a child who tends to get upset and cantankerous learn to stay calm when he or she doesn't get his or her way?

This exquisitely illustrated children's book introduces children to an imaginary figure called Mister Ego a character who represents the part of us that so easily becomes out of sorts and ruins a good time.
Drawing on the wisdom of the world around us, Mister Ego and the Bubble of Love coaches children in how to tame their difficult side so that they are able to get along with each other a whole lot better.
With Mister Ego at rest in his bubble of love, the sun is out again and the house is once more a happy place for the children to play.About the AuthorAmber Hinton is a grandmother and teacher. She lives in Monona, Iowa.

Gabreyhl Zintoll is an artist and graphic designer. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia


Angie Atkinson said...

That sounds like a great book. I am going to check it out for my kids. Thanks!

Empowering Minds said...

You are welcome! I heard that Eckhart Tolle has written a parable for teens too. I have to check that out.