Monday, September 1, 2008

Finding a Safe Harbour in Turbulent Times

In the moments when we feel lost, alone and scared-- In the times when we feel raw, exposed, and depleted--When our hearts are squeezed, our bellies knotted, or our worlds are turned up side down and inside out...

Seek out a safe harbour. Find a place of respite and renewal to give you the nurturing you need to replenish your mind, body and spirit. Wrap yourself in a cozy comforter. Have a bubble bath, sit in the sun, ask a loved one for a hug, go for a walk in nature. These things will bring you the comfort you seek when you most need it.

My favourite is wrapping myself up in a comforter. I feel warm, safe, and protected. I am guessing I am trying to re-create my time in the womb; the time when all was really well in my world, where I was warm, cozy, and fed regularly!

Find your own personal "womb therapy" and nurture yourself. While you are doing that, say to yourself "This to shall Pass" and know that it will.


Daphine said...

Great post! I've never really thought of wrapping myself up in a comforter to feel protected though. I do like the idea and will try it one day.

Great words spoken!

Julieanne Paige said...

Hi Lisa

I have my comfy clothes that make me feel safe. One being a tshirt that my brother bought me from NY about 15 years ago. I will never throw it out :)

It is funny to see you write 'This to shall pass' as I was just speaking about this yesterday. It brings an instant relief from stress or difficult situations.


Empowering Minds said...

Thanks for the comments! Fear is one thing that can be written about forever. If I can say one thing of comfort, is that we are not alone when we feel fear. And knowing that "This too shall pass" is a wonderful way to tell yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that there will be an end somewhere. It gives you strength to go on until you are through.