Sunday, August 17, 2008

Getting out of the "O"- ZONE!

Do you ever have those days when your mind just spins and spins and you just can’t seem to stop it?

A relentlessly spinning mind is a horribly obsessive habit that depletes our spirit. We tend to fry our brains trying to solve a problem, worry too much, or rehash upsetting events over and over in our minds, all the while our stress level goes sky high, and tension shoots out of our bodies in a desperate attempt at relief.

When you find yourself at the peak of frustration, feeling blocked mentally, physically, or emotionally, take a short break to refresh your mind to gain a new perspective. Pick up an inspirational book, watch a favourite television show, do ten jumping jacks, have a bath, smell some flowers, pull weeds, walk your dog. Find something that brings you joy and do it.
In that short break you will find a miraculous thing: clarity. You are giving yourself space to let the clarity in. You will see where you are pushing yourself too hard, thinking too much or too negatively. You will find solutions to your problems, and at the very least, find a new way of looking at them.
One of my favourite idioms is “Nature abhors a vacuum”. I never really understood it until recently. Science aside, it is equal to “a full cup has no room for more”. If there is no space in your mind, no emptiness, then there is no room for new ideas, fresh perspectives, growth and most importantly answers. The answer, the relief, the clarity, and the perspective come in when you take a break from the obsessive zone.

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